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The President of IOWDOK
an international personality !

The Founder and President of the IOWDOK - International Organization World of Knights is an international personality, the famous Baron Kleiner of Grasse, descendant and heir of the noble French line of the Parascandola. Grew up in France and Switzerland, graduate in economic studies, the Baron Kleiner de Grasse trains senior executives in enterprises, is orator at universities and conducts symposiums and conferences at high schools and major companies. Well-known author, he is the head of a publishing house in Switzerland. 

H.E. Baron Kleiner de Grasse also accomplishes the following Presidency functions: 

• President WFCAR - World Federation Cities of Amity and Reconciliation
• President and Chief Executive Director IOFARN - International Organization for Amity and Reconciliation of Nations
• Founder and President of EUACOS - European Academy of Solidarity
• Chief Executive Officer Committee FIMVE - International Forum of Better Living Together

Maintaining close relations with international personalities and leaders of the political, economic, religious and social world, he realizes between 2012 and 2014 the IOWDOK PROMOTION WORLD TOUR with 34 official presentations in 19 countries. In 2014 the Baron Kleiner of Grasse gave birth to the International Day of Amity and Reconciliation and lets it recognize at international level, in 2015 he realizes the first Flame of Amity World Tour, baptized ETERNAL FLAME. Building on its success, this first International Tour was the pioneer of the gigantic Flame of Amity World Tour between 2016 and 2019, involving 112 nations and more than 2000 cities and metropolises around the globe. In 2016, Baron Kleiner de Grasse laid the foundations for the first International Forum of Better Living Together (first edition 18 - 21 October 2018), an international symposium dedicated to the theme of BETTER LIVING TOGETHER between generations, peoples and cultures, placed under the patronage of the IOFARN - International Organization for the Amity and Reconciliation of Nations. 

Through the implementation of the various projects and after years of prospecting and international negotiations, the Baron Kleiner de Grasse established in 2017 the World Federation Cities of Amity and Reconciliation (WFCAR), regrouping over 2000 cities and metropolises in a powerful international network until 2020. What the United Nations represent at the country level, the WFCAR is equivalent at the scale of cities.

Tireless and incredibly persistent, he has carried throughout the last years the message of reconciliation and pacific rapprochement between peoples, cultures and belongings around the globe. His great diplomatic skills as well as his strong personality enabled him to bring together and unify antagonistic views in the name of the universal values of humanity. 

H.E. Baron Kleiner of Grasse has received numerous international awards and prizes for his commitment and intercultural activities. Baron Kleiner de Grasse is an emblematic and charismatic figure embodying determination, strength and will to develop processes of rapprochement, exchange and reconciliation between generations, peoples and cultures.

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