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Organization IOWDOK

The Reconciliation is not an Utopia,
if will, responsibility and determination are at the origin of the intention!

In a time soaked by sordid and miserable doctrines, aiming to the division of peoples, cultures and belongings, marked by a terrible rise of any form of extremism, causing a fatal break with the values and fundamental rights of the humanity, the term reconciliation takes a prevailing role in recovery of the balance of our human society.

Building bridges between peoples and cultures, abolishing the clichés arousing hostility and conflicts, turning indifference into ambition and egoism in sharing, uncertainty in determination and resignation into motivation, engaging through specific actions at international level processes of reconciliation and concord, allowing the rapprochement of antagonistic points of view and a respectful as peaceful coexistence between generations, peoples, cultures and belongings, promoting the responsibility of each individual and the values of better ling together, is the ambitious mission of the IOWDOK.

The famous phrase of the President of IOWDOK, H.E. Baron Kleiner de Grasse, "Let’s build in the name of the common, and do not destroy in the name of difference" is the leitmotiv that underlies the actions, campaigns and projects of the IOWDOK.

If the difference is no longer perceived from an angle of hostility and fear, but conceived as a richness and a colorful contrast of humanity; If the unknown no longer bears the label of adversity; If each individual acquires the conviction that his constructive role and his involvement in the mechanism of the human society are indispensable; If any recourse to violence or terror is simply a path to banished vigorously, then the humanity will regain its equilibrium and a vision for its future.

Fatalism is only a trivial form of cowardice and subtraction from all responsibility. Let’s discard prejudices and overthrow the barriers that separate and divide us, because the future of the humanity can only be built on processes of concord and peace. Let’s be aware of our commitment and responsibility to the generation of tomorrow, we have no right to bequeath to our children a cemetery of the human values.

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