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Organization IOWDOK



The International Organisation World of Knights - IOWDOK 
is an international entity whose administrative seat and the Chancellery are established in Switzerland.

The IOWDOK is since many years active in the intercultural, social, educational and cultural fields. The Organization realizes in close collaboration with the ministries, official bodies and institutions of national education, schools and universities projects, campaigns and federator actions at international scale in the objective to develop structures of rapprochement, to engage processes of reconciliation between people and cultures, to promote and inspire around better living together and to build bridges between people and nations.

All over the world, more than 1500 people work for the International Organization World of Knights - IOWDOK.

Excerpt of the various projects, campaigns and international actions of the IOWDOK in collaboration or under patronage of the IOFARN, International Organization for Amity and Reconciliation of Nations:

  • Flame of Amity World Tour 2016 – 2019, planetary action in straight collaboration with the ministries of the 112 involved nations and town halls of over 2000 around the world. An unprecedented itinerary of 72’000 km across all continents and millions of people relaying the mythical torch beyond all frontiers.  

  • Instauration of the International Day of Amity and Reconciliation - IDAR (placed under the patronage of IOFARN), since 2014 annually celebrated on September 20th (Italy - Parma 2014 / Switzerland - Bern 2015 / France - Grasse 2016 / USA - New York 2017 / Germany - Berlin 2018 / China - Beijing 2019 / France - Paris 2020)

  • International Poetry Contest IOWDOK, annually realized since 2014, 4th consecutive edition, in 2017 around the theme “Poem of Liberty”

  • International conferences in universities, high schools and colleges, in occasion of symposia and forums around the themes of reconciliation and peaceful coexistence between peoples and cultures, living together, social responsibility and peace, held by the President of the IOWDOK
  • Educational Workshops - IOFARN - in the colours of Living Together realized in close collaboration with the institutions of national education, schools and universities

  • Itinerant exhibition “… on the Path of the Flame of Amity”, a fascinating and interactive reconstitution of the Flame of Amity World Tour

  • FIMVE, first International Forum of Better Living Together, from 18 till 21 October 2018. International Symposium dedicated to the theme of Better Living Together between generations, peoples and cultures, placed under the patronage of the IOFARN - International Organization for Amity and Reconciliation of Nations

  • Foundation in 2017 of the WFCAR - World Federation Cities of Amity and Reconciliation, international network grouping until the year 2020 more than 2000 cities around the world. What the United Nations mean at scale of countries, the WFCAR assumes as role at level of the cities.

IOWDOK... a worldwide movement!
Over the years the IOWDOK has triggered a movement at world scale. Keeping absolute neutrality, transmitting fundamental universal values of humanity, finding the acceptance of any cultures and belongings, the IOWDOK assumes the role of bridge between opposing or conflicting points of view and mobilizes around a dream of the humanity, which bears the names solidarity, harmony, reconciliation, friendship, benevolence and peace. Let‘s move the world and change the time, because nothing is impossible, if the will is the pillar of the intention.

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