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Hymn Flame of Amity - composed to be sung around the World


In occasion of the Flame of Amity World Tour 2016 - 2019 was created the Hymn of Flame of Amity. At just 15 years, Anaïs Leforestier, a talented French singer, wrote the lyrics and interprets the Hymn of the Flame of Amity. This poignant song accompanies the torch on its journey around the world through 112 Nations and all continents and will reach until 2019 a worldwide resonance.

Anaïs Leforestier, a young artist of 15 years old, can already boast of a long career: her first single “J’aim’ trop la musique” at 9 years old, her first television appearances starting at 10 in “Joséphine ange gardien” and “Qui a re-tué Pamela Rose” . . . In 2013 she won an important national contest for voices on stage which allowed her to participate in The Voice Kids and then on the show “Les Minis Sosies Font Leur Show” before representing France competing with 150 other countries and traveling to Thailand, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Turkey, Italy and Tanzania . . . and the list of countries only grows with time. Since, with her amazing and powerful voice and a flawless organisation, she won in May 2016 the national assembly medal. As the composer and performer of the Hymn of the Eternal Flame, Anaïs Leforestier will accompany the World Tour of the Eternal Flame through 112 Nations and all continents. In 2017 she will continue her career and record her first album with Simsosino Production in the mythic studios of Los Angeles. Anaïs is also scheduled to play the role of a singer in a movie where she will also sing the sound track.


           Listen to an extract of the hymn  (please click below)


The Title " Hymne Flame of Amity "
is available for download
on all of the following platforms : 

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   Author:                          Co-Composer:                 Interpreter:
   Anaïs Leforestier            Adrien Commery             Anaïs Leforestier
                                        Yoann Freejay

Link to the version sung in occasion of the
International Day of Amity and Reconciliation
on 20th September 2016 in Grasse in Duo with Yoann Freejay.

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